Taking Shape: Construction Blog #3

Track and Field construction in Brampton

The flat base that the turf will be laid on top of is nearing completion. The shape of the running track and the floodlights can clearly be seen.

As you can see from the latest photos, it’s starting to look more like a field and less like a building site at Heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton. There is still a long way to go, but the field and track is starting to take shape. The base for the field is currently being constructed ready for the turf to go on top. The filtering system and drainage are being put in, and the the rolls of turf for the field will be delivered next week. Laying the turf will begin later in the month.

As we wrote in our previous post, the lights are already installed and both the inner and outer curbs for the track are in place. The asphalt for the track will start to be laid later this week.

We are still on target for a mid-August completion date and leagues, rentals and programming will start in August.

We’ll be posting regular updates on the construction of the new field and track at Heart Lake Secondary, 296 Conestoga Drive, Brampton on torontofootyblog.com. For details of our upcoming adult 7v7 soccer leagues, kids programs and field rentals go to toronto.footysevens.com or contact us at chris@footysevens.com.

Heart Lake Secondary School

The latest view of the field and track looking towards the building

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