Almost There! Construction Blog #6

FIFA-grade soccer field at heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton

We are so close to being ready to go at the new field! The field itself is completely finished with the turf down, all the various field lines stitched into place and the goals and divider nets etc. all on site and getting assembled.

The last piece of the puzzle will be the final coat on top of the track and then painting the lanes and start and finish lines. Unfortunately we’ve had a couple of delays on this last step due to the weather but if we can get some good luck with the weather, we should be all done within the next week.

If you do happen to pop by to see what the new field looks like, PLEASE DO NOT GO ONTO THE FIELD AS THE TRACK SURFACE MAY NOT BE DRY and walking across it can ruin the surface and necessitate another coat and another delay. Sorry to get a little preachy there everyone, we know people are curious and have been coming by and want to get on the field to see what it is like, and we just want to make sure that everyone knows not to go onto the field until after it is all complete.

If any of you are members of a local club or sports organisation, and would like a chance to try out the field for free before the end of August, contact us at  or by calling us on 289-632-1855 and you can book a time to bring your team down for a training session, rearranged game or kick-about free of charge.

Don’t forget we have our 7v7 soccer leagues starting in the first week of September and running through until the end of October. Be one of the first teams to get a chance to play on the newest venue in town. Full details can be found on the Footy Sevens website.

For those of you with kids, don’t forget we have our youth soccer programs starting that week too, with programs for boys and girls age 4-11 that are fun for kids, and easy for adults. We want to take the stress out of kids sports! You can find full details at

New FIFA-grade turf field on Conestoga Drive

Testing the LED floodlight system at the new field at Heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton

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