Spring Season is off and running!

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Toronto Footy Sevens spring season kicked-off on Tuesday with a packed night at the new 7-a-side fields at Heart Lake Secondary School on Conestoga Drive in Brampton. 24 coed teams took the field to play the first league games of 2019 along with 70 kids in the Footy For All kids soccer programs.

Despite the chilly weather (who would have thought we would see so many winter coats and touques in May?) both the adults and kids launched the season in style. We’ve posted some of the photos below from opening night and we will be posting the full galleries on the Toronto Footy Sevens and Footy For All facebook pages.

Next up comes the Thursday Men’s league tonight along with 4 more sections of 4 to 10 year-old kids in the Footy For All programs. Limited registration is still available for teams and individuals for the adult leagues and for the kids soccer programs.

About our leagues

Each league is fully refereed, played on purpose-built, properly lined 7-vs-7 fields with divider nets and FIFA quality turf and will cost from only $699+tax per team or $85 for individuals

Three great leagues to choose from

Secure your space now with a $250 deposit!

Individual Players

Don’t worry if you don’t have a full team, we also have space for individuals and small groups of players with individual registration available for all leagues. Spaces are $85.00+tax and include your team jersey. 

All you have to do is sign-up, let us know if there is anyone else signing up with you that you want to play with, and we’ll place you and your friends together with other individuals to form a team.


Whether you are registering a whole team or just as an individual, registration couldn’t be simpler and can be completed online at the Toronto Footy Sevens Website. If you’d like to pay cash, please drop us an email and we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Kids Programs and Field Rentals

Don’t forget we have a wide range of kids soccer programs at the Heart Lake Secondary School field as well as times when the field is available for rental for clubs and organisations.

If you have any questions about any of our adult leagues, kids programs or field rentals, e-mail us at admin@footysevens.com.

Toronto Footy Sevens Rec Soccer leagues

Need a spring soccer team to join? Leave it to us!

Toronto Footy Sevens Rec Soccer leagues

Are you an individual soccer player looking for a 7vs7 team?

Have you ever been unable to join a league because you can’t find enough players to form a full team and end up missing out?

We’ve always got a place indies at Toronto Footy Sevens. We reserve at least one team space exclusively for individual players in ALL of our leagues. We’ll match up individual registrants and small groups of players to form a full team and even provide them with a set of umbro or adidas jerseys so that they look a feel like a team right from the start.

We’ve got coed, women’s and men’s spring soccer leagues starting up at the beginning of May and individual registration is $85 each.

How does it work? . . . it’s easy and hassle free.

1. Go to http://toronto.footysevens.com/upcomingLeagues
2. Choose which league is ideal for you. (Click on the details button for kickoff times, location, start and finish dates and all the other info you need)
3. Click to register as an individual, fill in your details and pay online.
4. Once you’ve registered, we’ll put you on one of our individual teams, take care of all the admin and everything you need.
5. You just need to show up on the first day of the league, collect your team shirt, meet your teammates and play.

And if you have another player or a group of friends you want to play on the same team as, just let us know when you register and we’ll make sure you are all on the same team.

Sound good to you?

See you out there on the field!

And don’t forget, all of our games are on brand new, purpose built 7vs7 turf soccer fields at Heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton. Full details at:


7v7 Soccer leagues at Heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton

FIFA-grade soccer field at heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton

Almost There! Construction Blog #6

FIFA-grade soccer field at heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton

We are so close to being ready to go at the new field! The field itself is completely finished with the turf down, all the various field lines stitched into place and the goals and divider nets etc. all on site and getting assembled.

The last piece of the puzzle will be the final coat on top of the track and then painting the lanes and start and finish lines. Unfortunately we’ve had a couple of delays on this last step due to the weather but if we can get some good luck with the weather, we should be all done within the next week.

If you do happen to pop by to see what the new field looks like, PLEASE DO NOT GO ONTO THE FIELD AS THE TRACK SURFACE MAY NOT BE DRY and walking across it can ruin the surface and necessitate another coat and another delay. Sorry to get a little preachy there everyone, we know people are curious and have been coming by and want to get on the field to see what it is like, and we just want to make sure that everyone knows not to go onto the field until after it is all complete.

If any of you are members of a local club or sports organisation, and would like a chance to try out the field for free before the end of August, contact us at chris@footysevens.com  or by calling us on 289-632-1855 and you can book a time to bring your team down for a training session, rearranged game or kick-about free of charge.

Don’t forget we have our 7v7 soccer leagues starting in the first week of September and running through until the end of October. Be one of the first teams to get a chance to play on the newest venue in town. Full details can be found on the Footy Sevens website.

For those of you with kids, don’t forget we have our youth soccer programs starting that week too, with programs for boys and girls age 4-11 that are fun for kids, and easy for adults. We want to take the stress out of kids sports! You can find full details at footyforall.ca

New FIFA-grade turf field on Conestoga Drive

Testing the LED floodlight system at the new field at Heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton

The Bonus is Back: $200 off fall 7v7 soccer leagues until July 31st


$200 off of team registration and $35 off individual registrations

From now until the end of July, we’ve taken $200 off the price of all team registrations and $35 off if you register as an individual. This offer applies to all men’s, women’s and coed 7v7 leagues on the Toronto Footy Sevens website. Just go to our website, register for any league, and the discount is automatically applied off of the regular price.

The leagues start at the end of August (August 27th-31st) and with the start of our fall leagues just over a month away, we’re offering a huge saving for those registering before the end of the month. This offer makes the leagues not only the best per game value in Brampton, but in the whole of the GTA!

And who knows, if you follow us on twitter or facebook, there may even be a flash sale today with an extra discount coming up to save you even more. . .

Team Registration

Regular price $875-$925 (+HST), price with discount: $625-$675 (+HST)

Individual Registration

Regular price: $105-$115 (+HST), price with discount: $55-$65 (+HST)

Captains: Reserve your team’s space with a $250 deposit

And don’t forget captains: you don’t have to pay the whole of your team’s fee up front. Team spaces can be reserved with a $250 deposit, rather than captains having to carry the whole team fee on their credit card! The remaining balance can be settled anytime before the league starts.

All of the leagues will be played on our purpose-built 7v7 fields in Brampton. Construction is well underway on our new home field at Heart Lake Secondary School, 296 Conestoga Drive, Brampton and the leagues will be kicking off in late August. All league games are refereed and are open for team and individual registration.

Go to the Toronto Footy Sevens website for details or to sign up or e-mail chris@footysevens.com with any questions.


Toronto Footy Sevens 7v7 coed soccer league team

Toronto Footy Sevens: Registration Open

3 7v7 soccer games on turf field

Ottawa Footy Sevens at Carleton University

Registration is now open for the inaugural season of Toronto Footy Sevens 7v7 soccer leagues in Brampton. We have coed, men’s and women’s leagues available and full details can be found below.

Make Soccer Simple Again

We like to keep things as easy as possible for our players. Once you’ve chosen what night works best for you, all games will at the same venue on the same night and the registration can all be taken care of from your phone or computer. It couldn’t be simpler.

Team and individual registration is available for all of the leagues, so you can bring your whole team, join a team with a few friends or sign-up on your own and we’ll add you to a team of players with a similar skill level.

Toronto Footy Sevens League Benefits

The games will all be played on the only outdoor turf 7v7 fields in Brampton at a new custom built outdoor facility at Heart Lake Secondary School. The games will be refereed and played on fields designed and lined for 7v7 soccer with divider nets between the fields. You’ll be able to find all of your schedules, standings, scores and stats on our website. If you are like us, and need something to jog your memory of when you are playing each week, we’ll send you a reminder of when your game is, who you are playing and which of the four 7v7 fields it is on.

League Details

All Leagues are recreational and open to players of all levels and feature the following:

Team and individual registration available
All games refereed
Brand new artificial turf field
All fields have 7v7 line markings and goals
Same location every week
Schedules, standing and stats online

Coed League

We will have coed 7v7 soccer leagues available on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

For coed soccer all teams must have at least 2 male and 2 female players amongst the seven players on the field at any time

Men’s League

Our men’s league will take place on Tuesday evenings.

Women’s League

Our women’s league will take place on Thursday evenings.


All games will be played at the new turf field at:

Heart Lake Secondary School

296 Conestoga Drive

Brampton, ON

L6Z 3M1

The new field is currently under construction and we’ll be posting a construction update later this week.

Full details of all of the leagues and our opening promotion can be found on the Footy Sevens website.

As well as the adult soccer leagues, Footy Sevens will be running programs for children and youths and the field will also be available for rental to various sports and community groups. Please fill in the contact form below for all field rental and children’s programming enquiries

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