Let there be lights: Construction Blog #2

Soccer field floodlights being installed

The floodlights go up over the new field at Heart Lake Secondary School


Construction Update: June 27th


Ephesus All Field Sports Lighting System

Lights, Camera: Action!

Things are looking a whole lot brighter now! Why? The LED floodlights for the field are on site and have been installed. 4 huge concrete posts have been raised and 9 Ephesus All Field Series lighting fixtures are in place at the top of each post.

One of the best things about the lighting is that it should be the greenest lighting solution of any field in Brampton. The LED lights are far more energy efficient than the traditional metal-halide bulbs and the energy savings are dramatic. The LED system runs at 27,000W at full power, an energy saving of almost 60% over an equivalent system lit with the traditional type of bulbs.

It’s also controllable too, meaning it can be brought up to full power slowly as the daylight fades and sections can be turned off or lowered if only part of the field is in use. The lights can be dimmed anywhere from 10-100% with a a few adjustments from the coordinators cellphone, keeping the wasted energy to an absolute minimum.

Field and Track

Track construction at heart Lake Secondary School, Brampton

3 stages of the track construction so far: the old dirt track, the inner curb goes in and finally the outer curb is put in place and the the surface is smoothed, ready for the asphalt.

The huge pile of dirt and material that was on the field is now gone, and the construction of the drainage base that sits beneath the field is well underway. The second concrete curb the surrounds the outside of the track is now in place, and it looks like a circular roadway is running around the field. It is of course the base level of the track, and asphalt will be laid on top of that before the rubberised track surface goes on top towards the end of the project.

We are still on target for a mid-August completion date and leagues, rentals and programming will start in August.

We’ll be posting regular updates on the construction of the new field and track at Heart Lake Secondary, 296 Conestoga Drive, Brampton on torontofootyblog.com. For details of our upcoming adult 7v7 soccer leagues, kids programs and field rentals go to toronto.footysevens.com or contact us at chris@footysevens.com.

Double Kerb From End



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